Francis H. Clougherty Charitable Trust Sports Medicine Laboratory

Sports Medicine Lab

The Francis H. Clougherty Charitable Trust Sports Medicine Laboratory (SML) provides a space for future health professionals to acquire the hands-on skills required to operate sophisticated equipment which is integral to their professional preparation and graduate study. The Health and Human Science curriculum expands students’ understand of anatomy and physiology as well as the fundamental principles underlying health, fitness, and disease. Undergraduates work side by side with faculty to learn relevant techniques for clinical assessment and research on the human body. Students develop critical thinking skills concerning the relationship between pathology and disease, anatomy and injuries, and kinesiology and athletic performance. Courses taught in this space include Upper and Lower Extremity Evaluation (HHSC 360 & 361), Therapeutic Modalities and Rehabilitation in Sports Medicine (HHSC 460, 466, & 461). This lab is located in the Featherston Life Science Building, Room 154.

Equipment in the SML includes:

  • AD Instruments Finapres Nova Plus Blood Pressure Monitor with ECG Module
  • Chattanooga Hydrocollator model 2403
  • Chattanooga Laser Applicator model 27812
  • Chattanooga Ultrasound intellect transport electrotherapy model 2783
  • Diathermy Intelect SWD 100 by DJO (x2)
  • Dynatronics Solaris Ultrasound model D708 
  • Dynatronics Solaris Ultrasound model D709 
  • Dynatronics Ultrasound model D950 H Wave model H4 (x2)
  • EyeLink Portable Duo (Portable Eye Tracking)
  • Game Ready Cool System (x2)
  • Hymanson Body Blades
  • Hyperice Vibration Massage Device-Hypervolt
  • Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Machines and with a variety of Cuffs
  • Multi Radiance Medical MRS ACTIV PRO Laser Shower and Laser Stim
  • Natus Balance & Mobility Comp Software
  • Neurocom Basic Balance Master Mobile Unit
  • Pull-up bar with ability to accommodate TRX Suspension Training System
  • RealityWorks ECG Simulator
  • Scotsman Modular Ice Machine, Model N0622A (643lbs ice per day capacity)
  • Therabath Paraffin Bath (x2)
  • Vectra Genisys Laser model 2784 by Chattanooga
  • Whitehall whirlpool tub 85 gallon with Hot and Cold function