Opportunities with CRI

CRI Summer Student Internship program participants conducting research

Summer Student Internship Program

The CRI Summer Student Internship program provides funded internships to undergraduate students. The program runs for six weeks, with students working 20-30 hours per week. Students are required to produce a paper at the end of their project and may have the opportunity to continue their research projects during the academic year. Depending on research projects, students will work with a CSE faculty mentor and have the opportunity to give presentations to the LMU and Santa Monica Bay communities.

The Summer 2021 Internship and Research Assistant Program applications are now available. Please click on CRI Internships for a complete listing of research opportunities and to apply, please click on Application.

Applications (completed form and resume) are due by 2pm on Thursday, April 22 to CRI@lmu.edu.

Please direct any further questions to Karina Johnston, CRI Director of Programs, at Karina.Johnston@lmu.edu.


Faculty Opportunities

Faculty involvement in CRI is vital to the institute's success. Faculty can get involved in a variety of ways, including:

  • Serving as mentors for summer and academic year research projects
  • Giving presentations on research results about Santa Monica Bay
  • Interacting with city, county and state agencies and personnel
  • Developing curricula to support CRI activities
  • Serving as co-authors on grants
  • Receiving CRI fellowships as seed money for follow-up with grant proposals to further their work with CRI
  • Serving as CRI faculty affiliates

Other Opportunities

CRI hosts post-docs and/or visiting scholars to study and research with the institute. These visitors may also have some teaching responsibilities.