Your faculty advisor can help you with:

  • Discussing interests within your major
  • Discussing careers
  • Making a major course plan
  • Understanding major course requirements
  • Planning for graduate school
  • Identifying research opportunities
  • Finding relevant Internships

Your faculty advisor is assigned to you through your academic department. To find out who your assigned advisor is, check your PROWL account. Once on PROWL, you can find your advisor by clicking the "Student Services" tab. Click on the "Student Records" section and from there, click on "Student Information." You will then see your faculty advisor's name.

To prepare for your advising appointment, we recommend that you review the LMU University Bulletin so that you are familiar with the degree requirements, coursework within the major and information about academic policies.

You should also review your degree audit on Degree Works to ensure that you are making progress towards getting your degree. Click Degree Works Training: Student Guide for Information on how to access Degree Works.

The Center for Student Success can help you with:

  • Understanding core requirements
  • Choosing core classes
  • Reading your Degree Audit Report
  • Fixing problems on your Degree Audit Report
  • Helping you craft a four-year plan
  • Getting credit for transfer coursework
  • Getting credit for summer classes
  • Troubleshooting problems with course registration
  • Processing academic forms

Tutoring Services

The Academic Resource Center offers free peer-led tutoring sessions for a number of LMU courses each semester.