How do I know where to find academic forms?

The LMU Registrar's office manages the administration of official paperwork and student records. Common forms include the Change of Program form, Transfer Course Review form, and Unit Overload form. Click here to access the academic forms. 

Below is a list of some of LMU's most commonly used academic forms with instructions for using them. Each of these forms involves slightly different steps for completion. 

Degree Audit Adjustment

When To Use:
You will use this form to substitute or waive major and minor requirement courses on your Degree Audit Report.

How To Use:
Email your request to waive or substitute a course requirement to If your request is approved, we will route the form for signatures on your behalf. We will then submit the form to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Change of Program Petition

When to Use:
You will use this form to switch majors, add a major, or minor. If you are adding a major, make sure that you satisfy the major’s course prerequisites prior to submitting the form. The petition will only be signed and processed once the prerequisites are met. You can refer to the University Bulletin for more information on major prerequisite requirements.

How to Use:
Fill out the form online. It will automatically be routed to the chairperson and associate dean of the major/minor you are adding/dropping for their signature.

Once all of the necessary signatures are obtained, the form is sent to the Office of the Registrar for processing. 

Unit Overload Petition

When to Use:
Apply for a unit overload to allow you to take more than 18 units in a semester. You qualify for a unit overload if you are in good academic standing and have a minimum 3.50 GPA. 

How to Use:
Unit overload forms are made available two weeks before the start of the semester. You will fill out the form online. It will automatically be routed to the associate dean for their approval. 

Independent or Tutorial Studies Form

When to Use:
You will fill out this form prior to course registration to sign up for an independent study course with a faculty member. The form must be signed and completed by the time you register for classes.

How to Use:
Fill this out in collaboration with the faculty member with whom you will be taking the independent study. That faculty member will need to sign the form. Email the signed form to for the associate dean’s signature. It will then be sent to the Office of the Registrar for processing. 

Transfer Course Review Form

When to Use:
You will use this form to receive LMU course credit for courses taken at other institutions.

How to Use:
Make sure your course will qualify for transfer credit BEFORE you sign up for the class.

First, find your class in LMU's list of Transfer Articulation Agreements, a comprehensive list of courses at regional institutions that qualify for transfer credit.

If you do not find a direct articulation for the class you plan to take, consult with the Center for Student Success in Pereira Hall Suite 100 for more information.

Please note: Only courses from an accredited and LMU-recognized U.S. institution with a grade of C or higher are acceptable for transfer. LMU credit will only be given after the Registrar's Office receives an official transcript from the school attended, at the request of the student. A combined maximum of 60 semester hours may be transferred from community colleges.

You will need to fill out the form online. The Registrar's Office confirms whether courses are transferrable as core or major credit and whether they satisfy lower division credit or upper division credit. The Registrar's Office will email the approved TCR back to you.