Computer science students working in Keck Lab

The Keck Lab is the department's primary general-use lab and to a large degree is the hub of the undergraduate social scene. Students come to the lab to work, collaborate, and study every day of the week. Here you will find ample comfortable work spaces on tables with power supplies, additional monitors and a handful of iMac desktop computers. Students can also work on two large and comfortable couches, take a study break on one of the many gaming platforms (Kinect, PS4, Wii, and XBox), or jam on the Fender Starcaster (headphones generally required). You'll also find the departments server rack here; aspiring devops might, once hired as a teaching assistant (TA), gain a little access.

The lab's audio visual system adds quite a bit to the lab culture, allowing for some light tunes when the lab is sparsely populated. The three-projector display is ideal for presenting research or class presentations, or even a fun movie night.

Teaching assistants are available in the lab Monday through Thursday for help with just about anything.