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Program Requirements for Systems Engineering Degrees at LMU

The Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering is dedicated to providing a rigorous and industry relevant graduate engineering education that is also customized to the unique needs of each student. As student experiences vary, so do the requirements for each of our distinct programs.

Master of Science in Systems Engineering with an Option for Technical Focus

The M.S. in Systems Engineering with an Option for Technical Focus allows engineering professionals to develop systems engineering skills, project management skills, and deepen their knowledge in a technical focus area of their choice. The options for technical focus areas include: Systems Engineer, Engineering Project Management, Aeronautics and Space Systems, Cybersecurity, Software Architecture, Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering, or Civil Engineering.

Graduation requirements are as follows:

  • Completion of 30 semester hours from the three areas of the program
    • SELP 500 Systems Engineering
    • SELP 540 Systems Thinking: Major Tech Changes/Impacts
    • SELP 550 Systems Architecture I
    • SELP 600 Advanced Systems Engineering & Program Management
    • SELP 640 Model Based Systems Engineering
    • SELP 668 Systems Engineering Modeling and Analysis
    • SELP 695 Systems Engineering Integrative Project
    • SELP 510 Project Management
    • SELP 520 Engineering Leadership and Integrity 
    • SELP 530 Lean Engineering & Management
    • SELP 576 Buisness Law for Engineers
    • SELP 577 Engineering Economics and Finance
    • SELP 620 Manufacturing Processes and Quality Systems
    • SELP 679 Startup Entrepreneurship, Managing Engineering Innovation 
    • Software Architecture
      • SELP 651 Software Architecture
      • SELP 654 Engineering for Autonomy
      • SELP 657 Agile Software & Systems Project Management
    • Cybersecurity
      • SELP 660 Cybersecurity
      • SELP 662 Secure Software Development
      • SELP 663 Enterprise Security and Cyber Systems
      • SELP 664 Cybersecurity Risk Management & Governance
    • Aerospace & Space Systems
      • SELP 584 Occupy Mars: Space Travel and Colonization
      • SELP 586 Launch Vehicle Technology and Design Evolution (virtual)
      • SELP 670 Spacecraft Design
      • SELP 672 Spacecraft Communications and Radar
  • SELP 695 Systems Engineering Integrative Project/Thesis (3 semester hours)

    Capstone course in which each student working individually applies and demonstrates the mastery of the systems engineering process to a complex technical and/or social endeavor. This course should be taken in the last semester of the study program.

  • Overall program GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • B or higher in all 500-level courses and C or higher in any 600-level course (or course will not be counted toward degree)

The Dual Degree MS in Systems Engineering / Masters of Business Administration (Dual Degree MSSE / MBA) Program

The dual degree program prepares engineering professionals for leadership positions in high technology companies

Graduation requirements are as follows:

  • Completion of 60 semester hours from the two curriculum areas
    • The MS in Systems Engineering consists of 10 courses
      • For the dual degree program 8 courses (24 credit hours) are completed from courses offered in the MS in Systems Engineering Program, including the Capstone/Integrative Project (3 credit hours)
      • 2 MBA courses will satisfy the 2 elective requirements for the MS in Systems Engineering
    • Completion of MBA Program (51 credit hours), 5 courses from the MS in Systems Engineering are used to satisfy the emphasis/concentration requirements for the MBA degree
    • Students need to comply with the MBA requirements
  • Recommended sequence for the degree program:
    • Year 1: Full course load of systems engineering courses
    • Year 2: MBA courses starting in the fall semester
    • Year 3: Electives and Systems Engineering Capstone/Integrative Project Thesis
    • Note: the selection of classes will be worked out between the student and the directors of the MS in Systems Engineering and the MBA programs

The 4+1 Master of Science in Systems Engineering

The 4+1 master's in Systems Engineering provides current LMU undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor's degree in engineering a pathway to earn a master's in systems engineering after a year. The candidate for the combined B.S./M.S.E. degree must satisfy the following requirements (30 semester hours):

  1. One Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering 500-level course (3 semester hours) taken as an undergraduate may count toward the M.S. degree. This course can be double counted for the B.S. degree and the M.S. degree. The student is required to complete 27 additional semester hours after earning the B.S. degree.
  2. In addition, for an admitted student, an extra Seaver College 500-level course (3 semester hours) may be taken in their senior year that counts towards the M.S. degree and not the B.S. degree. This potentially reduces the total number of additional semester hours after earning the B.S. degree to 24.
  3. The remaining coursework required must be consistent with the graduation requirements for the M.S. in Systems Engineering program.