The Systems Engineering Advisory Board supports and advises the MS in Systems Engineering program in achieving the program’s mission and assists the program in being recognized for excellence of its students, faculty, and alumni. The Advisory Board enhances the contributions to the constituencies the program serves. The Board’s responsibilities include reviewing program learning outcomes, ensuring the program curriculum responds to current and future industry needs, reviewing facilities and educational technology and tools available to faculty for effective delivery of courses, and more.



Advisory Board Members

Claire Leon
Vice President (Boeing, retired)
Owner, Claire Leon Consulting, LLC

David Chow
Chief Scientific Officer
HRL Laboratories

Dennis Nakasone
President and Chief Systems Engineer
Nova Sky Aerospace

Katrina Hiramoto
Systems Engineer Department Manager
Future Aircraft Systems & Technology at Raytheon

Melissa Price
Assistant Dept Manager Systems Engineering
Northrop Grumman

Michelle C. Hauer
RF Technology Area Director

Nick Zilmer
Systems Engineering Director

Rocco Samuele
Mission Engineering & Operations
Northrop Grumman