Systems Engineering Certificates

The Systems Engineering Certificate program offers advanced education opportunities for professional engineers, systems engineers, scientists, and managers looking to deepen their knowledge of key industry concepts and practices.

Certificate programs can be completed in three consecutive semesters, or in one year (if one class is taken during summer session). Upon completion of any certificate program, students may reapply for the MS in Systems Engineering and apply completed courses toward that degree.

Certificate Program Offerings

  • This program is perfect for engineers seeking to acquire fundamental principles of Systems Engineering without the commitment of a full degree program.

  • This program is designed for engineering project managers aiming to acquire advanced skills in managing complex engineering programs.

  • This program for scientists, product engineers, and managers of aerospace systems will enhance and update skills in modern high-technology systems. Offerings include a wide range of aerospace systems, including spacecraft design, communication and optical systems, and propulsion.

  • This program teaches engineers, computer scientists, and managers how to defend networks against today's evolving threat. Topics include design, development, implementation, and operations of cyber resilient systems, as well as systems management and governance, secure software development, and managing the operational environment in the presence of threats.

    Students choose three of the courses below to earn their certificate:

    • SELP 660 Cyber Security
    • SELP 661 Cybersecurity Risk Management, Governance and Compliance for Enterprises
    • SELP 662 Secure Software Development
    • SELP 663 Enterprise Security and Cyber Operations
  • This program is for project engineers and managers of integrated hardware and software systems. Topics include software architectural patterns and key systems implementation decisions, such as cloud computing, agile software development, and more.

    Students take the courses below to earn their certificate:

    • SELP 651 Software Architecture
    • SELP 654 Engineering for Autonomy
    • SELP 657 Agile Software/Systems Project Management
    • Completion of 3 courses from one of the technical areas. Course requirements for each certificate are as follows:
      • Systems Engineering Certificate: three 500 or 600 level courses (from the Core Systems Engineering Courses in the MS in Systems Engineering Program)
      • Lean Healthcare Systems Certificate: SELP 535, 635, 696
      • Engineering Project Management Certificate: three 500 or 600 level (in the MS in Systems Engineering Program)
      • Cybersecurity Certificate: SELP 660, 661, 662, 663
      • Software Architecture Certificate: SELP 651, 654, 657
    • Overall GPA of 2.7 or higher to graduate/receive certificate
    • Please note: Other Systems Engineering courses may be substituted for the above courses with the approval of the Graduate Program Director.

Admission Requirements for Certificates

Applicants must submit the following documents:

  •   Application to Graduate Admission and a $50 application fee. To apply online, visit

  • Transcript documenting B.S. in engineering or B.A. in Program Management or equivalent degree (GPA of 3.0 or better) from an accredited university program.

  • If the applicant's GPA is below 3.0, also submit two letters of recommendation from past professors or current employer.

  • Resume; Two years' work experience is preferred.

  • Brief personal statement discussing how the program fits your career goals and development. 

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