Lions Roar: LMU Noyce

LMU was awarded an National Science Foundation Noyce Grant in September 2012 which funds the Lion's Roar: LMU Noyce Scholarship Program and the Summer Internship and Colloquium

About the Internship

The 8 week Noyce Summer Internship Program was created to give students who are considering a teaching career the opportunity to teach STEM subjects to children in an informal education setting, such as a camp or science center. Each intern will be placed with and trained by a supervisor at one of our partner organizations. Our current partners are: The Aquarium of the Pacific, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, The California Science Center, Heal the Bay's Santa Monica Bay Aquarium and LA Audubon.

The program is designed to help students make a decision about teaching as a career option. In addition to working in an established science education program, interns will participate in the Noyce Colloquium, a series of seminars designed specifically to highlight issues related to teaching with a focus on math and science.

Interns will be assigned faculty mentors who will support them during the internship period. We anticipate that the relationships formed between interns and mentors will continue throughout the student's college career.

Interns will receive a stipend of $3000 and be housed on campus as a cohort, during the internship period.


Dates will be announced when the new application becomes available. The program runs for 8 weeks starting sometime in June and ending in August before the fall semester begins.


Students will hold the title of Noyce Intern (T-work) and receive a stipend of $3000


On campus housing will be provided in addition to your internship stipend. Upon acceptance into the NOYCE Internship program you will be required to apply for summer housing and assigned a move-in day. If you wish to remain in LMU housing between the end of the internship and the beginning of the fall semester you will have to pay for those days. (Currently the daily rate is $34)


NOYCE Colloquium and Sigma Xi Undergraduate Research Symposium Presentation

Noyce Interns are required to participate in the Noyce Colloquium, which is designed to highlight issues related to teaching in math and science. The Noyce Colloquium will meet once a week during the summer internship and throughout the fall semester. NOYCE interns must register for the 1 unit NOYCE Colloquium in the fall of 2015. Each intern will present a poster connecting his/her internship experience with issues related to STEM teaching at the Sigma Xi poster session during the fall semester.

High School Classroom Visit

Noyce Interns will be introduced to several LMU alumni teachers during the summer NOYCE Colloquium and will be required to arrange a visit to one of their high school classroom during the fall semester.