Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

LMU's Electrical Engineering major helps students understand electrical systems and their construction. The major provides a broad, fundamental education of the basics for system design, covering topics in electronics, digital systems, communications, and controls.

Future products and systems that will enhance our lives will require the skills of talented and highly educated college graduates such as those who come out of LMU.

Student profile
"I knew that both my artistic and technical abilities would be nurtured."
Stephen Board Headshot
“I found my time at LMU to be transformative.”
Explore different research topics students can participate in
Students use technology to tackle problems in the real world—such as helping the nearby communities with road development.
Hackathon winners wearing their medals
The winning business, a parking app that lets you rent your driveway to users for a small profit, reflected multidisciplinary partnerships.
Hyperloop team creating schematics on a whiteboard
An interdisciplinary team of more than 70 Loyola Marymount University students competed in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition