Students in Fluids Lab

Faculty Research Interests

Faculty MemberResearch Interest
Mahsa Ebrahim Spray cooling, droplet impingement and interfacial and multi-phase flows with a focus on phase interactions
Omar Es-Said   Metallic processing, modeling, and failure analysis 
Pezhman Hassanpour  Dynamics and control with focus on micro- and nano-systems  
Emin Issakhanian   Thermal fluids, including turbine blade film cooling, vehicle aerodynamics, and novel methods of flow measurement 
Rafiq Noorani  Additive manufacturing technology, rapid prototyping and 3D printing 
Nader Saniei  Applications of nanotechnology in medicine  
Natalie Schaal   Failure mechanics of heterogeneous interfaces; improving persistence and retention in STEM 
Matt Siniawski  Design of assistive technology devices; assessment of student learning 
Brendan Smith Rehabilitation engineering with a focus on mechanisms and robotics that restore motor function 



Facilities and Labs 

Facility or LabPurpose 
Engineering Design Center The Cheryl and Robert Gross Engineering Design Center (EDC) provides space and equipment to support student design projects.
Rapid Prototyping Lab The Rapid Prototyping Laboratory provides facilities for computer-aided design, manufacturing, rapid prototyping of solid models, and dimensional accuracy and inspection. 
Structures Lab The Structures Laboratory is used to conduct experimental studies on the mechanical properties of materials.  
Material Sciences Lab The Materials Science Lab is used to prepare samples and conduct experimental studies on the properties of materials. 
Rehabilitation and Assistive Devices Lab (RAD)  The purpose of the Rehabilitation and Assistive Devices (RAD) Laboratory is to design, develop, and assess mechanical and electromechanical devices that enhance human motor function.  
Dynamic Systems and Controls Lab The Dynamic Systems and Controls (DSC) Laboratory is dedicated to the fundamental engineering research on the linear and nonlinear behavior of dynamic systems and its applications.  
Energy and Thermal Sciences Lab The purpose of the Energy and Thermal Sciences Laboratory is to conduct experimental studies in the areas of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.  
Thermal Fluids Lab The Thermal Fluids Laboratory is dedicated to the fundamental engineering research relating to novel methods for active heat transfer and cooling techniques.