Three students interacting in the Fluids lab during lecture

The mechanical engineering programs prepare students for engineering practice and helps them reach their full engineering potential. The B.S. curriculum covers fundamental mathematics and science, various engineering topics, and general education coursework (the University Core). Engineering lecture and laboratory courses are integrated throughout the curriculum and culminate in a year-long capstone design project. Students complete the University Core courses that support the education of the whole person.

Engineering Design

Engineering design is one of the key tasks of an engineer. It is the process of creatively conceiving a system, component, or process to meet a specified societal need within certain constraints. The mechanical engineering faculty have adopted a methodology of design which guides the student through the design process. The steps of this methodology are studied and practiced in the mechanical engineering curriculum. Engineering design is integrated throughout the curriculum, culminating in a year-long practicum experience. Below are a few examples of recent capstone design projects completed by our senior mechanical engineering students. 


LMU Rocket Team

Students from LMU's Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering test-launched their rocket in Lucerne Valley, Calif., prior to their participation in the NASA Student Launch, coming in April 2017.

I Am Standing

Four senior engineering students collaborate to build an assistive standing device for a 10 year old boy learning to walk.