Water and Wastewater Treatment Certificate

Students in class

Students earning a certificate in Water and Wastewater Treatment will:

  1. Understand the function and be able to design physical and chemical separation processes in water and wastewater treatment; and
  2. Understand the principles that control the design and operation of biological unit process municipal wastewater treatment and be able to design processes for organics removal and nitrogen and phosphorus reduction, and biosolids stabilization.

Certificate Requirements

To obtain a certificate, students must complete the required courses with a 3.0 grade point average or better on a four-point scale. Upon completion of one or more certificates, the student may formally apply and enroll (pending acceptance) into the Master of Science programs in Civil Engineering or Environmental Science, and all courses completed toward the certificates will be applied towards the Master's degree.

Three of the following courses

Admission Requirements

  1. B.S. or higher degree in any engineering discipline or consent of the program director
  2. A completed application form and $50 application fee 
  3. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended 
  4. Personal Statement discussing how the program fits into your career development.