The Civil Engineering and Environmental Science programs offer a variety of student research opportunities related to environmental engineering, water resources engineering and environmental science.

Faculty Research Interests

Rachel paddling on open water in kayak

Rachel Adams

Research Areas: Water quality & sustainability; Fate of chemical pollutants in the aquatic environment; Passive sampler method development









Dorsey in the field showing student meter

John Dorsey

Research Areas: Water quality; Transport and fate of fecal bacteria in coastal waters and wetlands; Use of biofiltration systems to control runoff pollution









Tom Ford
The Bay Foundation and Coastal Research Institute

Research Areas: Study and restoration of kelp forests; Understanding and correcting sources of pollution in Los Angeles









Karina Johnston
The Bay Foundation and Coastal Research Institute

Research Areas: Wetland and marine ecology; Environmental sustainability; Climate resilience; Water quality; Restoration ecology









Donald Kendall
Chair and Clinical Professor

Research Areas: Surface Water and Groundwater, Hydrology, Water Resources, Statistical Analysis Techniques, Computation Modeling.









James Landry

Research Areas: Determination of heavy metal levels in the Ballona Wetlands; Air quality monitoring; Infrared microscopy in the analysis of environmental samples









Jeremy Pal
Program Director

Research Areas: Climate change impacts on water resources and hydrologic cycle; Extreme climatic events including flood, drought, & heat waves; Agriculture; Human health









3/4 shot of Michele standing above bluff

Michele Romolini
Center for Urban Resilience

Research Areas: Urban ecology, environmental governance and green infrastructure.










Eric speaking at the Osprey Pole Dedication

Eric Strauss
Professor and Director of Center for Urban Resilience

Research Areas: Animal behavior, endangered species management, urban ecosystems and science education.