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Degree Requirements for a Master of Science in Healthcare Systems Engineering

The requirement for the MS in HSE is 30 semester hours (10 courses at three semester hours each).

Core Courses

  • SYEG 510 Project Management 3 semester hours
  • HSEG 535 Lean Healthcare 3 semester hours
  • HSEG 605 Healthcare Systems Engineering 3 semester hours
  • HSEG 625 Patient Safety and Quality Systems 3 semester hours
  • HSEG 635 Advanced Lean Management of Healthcare 3 semester hours
  • HSEG 665 Population Health and Big Data Analytics 3 semester hours
  • HSEG 675 Healthcare Enterprise Informatics and Electronic Health Records 3 semester hours
  • HSEG 695 Preparation for Capstone Project 0 semester hours
  • HSEG 696 Project in Healthcare 3 semester hours

Elective Courses

Two (2) courses to be selected from the following electives:

  • HSEG 515 Healthcare Delivery Systems 3 semester hours (mandatory, if the student lacks healthcare background)
  • HSEG 545 Healthcare Seminar 3 semester hours
  • HSEG 655 Medical Devices and Integrated Systems 3 semester hours *
  • SYEG 668 Systems Engineering Modeling and Analysis 3 semester hours
  • HSEG 699 Independent Studies 1 TO 3 semester hours

* Note: In any given year, between two and four of these elective courses will be offered depending on the number of students and their interests.

Important Notes

  • Students lacking healthcare work experience will need to include HSEG 515 Healthcare Delivery Systems as one elective.
  • The Capstone Project, HSEG 696 Project in Healthcare, should be taken in the last Spring or Fall semester of the studies.
  • HSEG 699 Independent Studies must be pre-approved by the Advisor.