[Written during the pandemic] "Scary time right now! Right now more than ever the healthcare system is showing the evils of fragmentation and the need for HSE professionals…I think once this all settles out this is a great case study and could be a good demonstration of how powerful this degree program can be for our current healthcare system."

Stephen V. Speicher, M.D. M.S., UCLA Biodesign Fellow Class of 2020, Pediatric Hematology Oncology Fellow Physician, Program Director UCLA Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program

"The HSE program at LMU enabled me to pave the way towards the career I was aiming for. I needed Systems Engineering and the understanding of how it applies to healthcare in order to have a holistic approach to complex problems in healthcare and other fields. The courses and skills as well as the mentorship provided by faculty members of this program prepared me to tackle any complex problems that could come up in my career."

Hassan Bou-Holaigah, Digital Consultant, McKinsey & Co MEO

“The Healthcare Systems Engineering program has given me the ability to break down complex processes in order to optimize their efficiency and coordination. This program is amazing because it teaches you all the aspects of healthcare field while simultaneously giving you competence in systems engineering.”

Alex Golden '20

"I am just starting my second week of work at Cedars and I wanted to reach out and let you know how well the HSE program has prepared me for this role. So much of what I will be doing I have extensive knowledge of thanks to the coursework."

Jordan Detamore, M.S., Program Coordinator, Medical Affairs, Cedars-Sinai

“Through my LMU Capstone Project, I had the unique experience of first hand observing the Minimally Invasive Surgical Clinic workflow at LAC+USC hospitals. Through the Lean Healthcare Systems Engineering methodology, we created innovative solutions to solve issues that affect clinics throughout America. We presented recommendations to resolve wait times, patient satisfaction, and provider burnout. It was a unique, unforgettable experience that helped prepare me for success.”

Meghanne Clark

“The Lean Certificate Program is truly a goldmine. This program has exceeded my expectations and is helping me focus on the six principles of lean on a daily basis, not only at work but at home as well. I enjoyed all the classes, the discussions, the shared experiences and the projects. We are very fortunate to have such high caliber professors. I highly recommend this certificate program to everyone who works in the healthcare industry. One day, healthcare will truly be affordable to all.”

Vincent L. Dizon, MBA M.T. (ASCP) DLM SBB, Director of Chemistry Services, SCPMG Regional Reference Laboratories

“Enrolling into the HSE program was one of the best decisions I ever made. As a qualified MD from China, I deeply understand problems in the healthcare system and the difficulty of solving them. From the LMU’s HSE program, I have learned the most advanced knowledge of re-engineering healthcare delivery and broad-scale solutions. This program provides me with systems engineering skills, especially lean and advanced applications that improve safety, affordability and outcomes of healthcare, and also gave me the opportunity to practice at a healthcare institution. What I learned helps me a lot in my current job in telemedicine. In short, great program, great professors, and a great learning experience.”

Huanhuan Liu, Case Manager, More Health, Inc.

“Both classes paved the way for me to look at things and processes differently. What seemed to be the normal practice now begs for opportunities for improvement. The classes are challenging, your mind is always engaged in mentally looking back at what’s happening in our laboratory then trying to inject some of the tested ideas to make the current processes even better and more effective and efficient. After finishing the [Certificate] Program .. I feel that I now have the effective tools to contribute to the continuous improvement of our laboratory.”

Joy C. Javier, CLS, M.T., Assistant Area Laboratory Director, K.P. LA Medical Center

"I chose the LMU HSE program for my graduate education after meeting with Dr. Bohdan Oppenheim in December 2019. During this meeting I explained my professional goals of becoming a physician, he assured me that a LMU HSE education would allow me to better comprehend the physician’s role in the greater healthcare system. Dr. Oppenheim was correct. In the 1.5 years I spent as a LMU HSE Master’s student I studied the healthcare system, the issues that plague it and the lean and systems engineering methodologies to improve these inefficiencies. The knowledge I gained in the classroom allowed me to execute a hands-on capstone project at UCLA Health where I streamlined their alarm management systems. Furthermore, when I applied to medical school my experience improving healthcare systems was a topic of conversation and helped me stand out. In fact, many medical schools now include some aspect of healthcare systems within their curriculum. I believe that my time spent as a LMU HSE Masters student will allow me to be a better healthcare provider. One who integrates classic clinical care with my knowledge of medical systems, to meet the needs and deliver quality care to those I serve."

Ann Kelly

“I would like to express my great satisfaction with the LMU Lean Healthcare Certificate program… This was the best program I attended after graduate school. Although I, personally, was under impression that my operations were quite effective and optimized, through learning Lean, I realized that there was so much room for improvement. This program gave me the opportunity to think outside the box, analyze each process piece by piece, identify wasteful steps, and solve the problems. Such an approach was much more effective than just solving one problem at a time when and if they arise. The course workload was reasonable and the professors' participation was a great help. Savings identified by Lean learning were quite significant for our operations. I personally believe that every laboratory operations will greatly benefit from the Lean Healthcare [Certificate] program offered by the LMU.”

Mike M Moradian, Ph.D., Bioanalyst, Director of Laboratory Services, Regional Genetics Laboratory

“The changes that our department have already implemented have been a great success. We eliminated some traditional laboratory practices, streamlined work flow, broke down some of the inter-departmental barriers, and became more agile in quickly recognizing waste and removing it. It has been a valuable one and a half year journey. I am truly a better laboratorian and manager because of my experience with the Program. I see better what has always been in front of me. Thank you for this gift.”

Chiemi Tabata, Assistant Director of Laboratory Services, Automated Chemistry, SCPMG Kaiser Permanente Regional Reference Laboratories

“The last three semesters were challenging because we were working and studying at the same time, but having great professors who are very intelligent and experts in the field, helped motivate me and the group… Now, I am focused on improving the process instead of just accepting that there was no room for improvement. Subsequently, I am more sensitive to how our behavior as managers can set the tone to encourage our staff to succeed. I would recommend Lean, not just to managers, but all healthcare professionals looking to improve their workplace.”

Onie Bueno, Manager, Bacteriology, K.P. Regional Laboratory