Two students working with a amchine in the structures lab


The structures laboratory is used to conduct experimental studies on the mechanical properties of materials, including moments of inertia, stress, strain, buckling, stress concentrations, and fatigue. The laboratory consists mainly of various tensile testing and fatigue testing equipment. It consists of two Instron Universal Testing Machines, an Instron Single Column Universal Testing System, an MTS Fracture Mechanics System, and a Tinius Olsen Super L machine. The laboratory supports various courses. This laboratory is also used by the Civil Engineering Department to test concrete cylinders, concrete beams, and steel rebar. The laboratory is available to mechanical engineering students during regular business hours, but student access is restricted to properly trained and supervised research and teaching assistants on an as needed basis. This lab is located in Doolan Hall, Room 111. 

Equipment Located in the Structures Lab:

  • Instron 5940 Series Single Column Universal Testing System
  • Instron 1127 Universal Testing System
  • Instron 4505 Universal Testing System
  • Tinius Olsen Super L
  • MTS 810 Fracture Mechanics System
  • Rotating Beam Fatigue Tester (2)
  • Eddy Current Conductivity Kit Hocking Auto Sigma 3000