Rehabilitation, Assistive Tech & Human Control Theory Lab

 professor helping student on laptop, students working on driving simulator and students working in background

The Rehabilitation, Assistive Tech & Human Control Theory (REACT) Laboratory aims to design, develop, and evaluate electromechanical devices that restore, enhance and characterize human motor function. The laboratory supports a variety of undergraduate and graduate research projects. The laboratory contains bench space, hand tools and an industrial sewing machine for work with assistive devices. It contains two 6-axis load cells in scales suitable for biomechanical measurement, and a Speedgoat Target PC for research into short timescale human movement and reactions. It contains a 2DoF motion simulator for research into driver behavior and rehabilitation. The laboratory is available to mechanical engineering students Monday through Friday 8am – 10pm, but student access is restricted to properly trained research and teaching assistants on an as needed basis. This lab is located in Periera Hall, Room 134.

Please visit the REACT Lab Webpage to learn more about our ongoing projects, publications, and opportunities for LMU students.

Equipment Located in the REACT lab:

  • SimGear GT Elite Motion Simulator
  • Interface Inc. 6-axis Load Cells with Data Acquisition System
  • Speedgoat Target PC for Real Time Simulink Applications
  • Hand tools and Industrial Sewing Machine for Fabrication