The purpose of the Materials Science Laboratory is to prepare samples and conduct experimental studies on the properties of materials. The materials science laboratory contains hardness testing machines, two optical microscopes, and various polishing and grinding wheels. It also contains a micro-hardness tester, electrical resistivity measurement equipment, density measurement equipment, a diamond wafer cutter, and a grinder belt machine. The laboratory is available to mechanical engineering students during regular business hours, but student access is restricted to properly trained and supervised research and teaching assistants on an as needed basis. This lab is located in Pereira Hall, Room 137.

Equipment Located in the Material Sciences Lab:

  • Wilson/Rockwell Hardness Tester Series 500 (superficial and regular)
  • Keithley 181 Nanovoltmeter
  • Conductivity testing station
  • Olympus PME optical microscopes (2)
  • Mettler Toledo Density determination kit #PG203
  • Polishing, grinding wheels and a metallographic accessory equipment
  • Leco Microhardness tester, Model LM310AT
  • Buehler Metaserv 250 Grinder-Polishers (2)
  • South Bay Technology Low Speed Diamond Wheel, Model 650