3 students working together in the Dynamics Systems and Controls lab


The Dynamic Systems and Controls (DSC) Laboratory is dedicated to the fundamental engineering research on the linear and nonlinear behavior of dynamic systems and its applications. The DSC lab is equipped with two laser Doppler vibrometers, a shaker, data acquisition devices, free and forced vibration setup, flywheel experiment setup, an oscilloscope, and a wave generator. The laboratory is available to mechanical engineering students during regular business hours, but student access is restricted to properly trained and supervised research and teaching assistants on an as needed basis. This lab is located in Doolan Hall, Room 103.

Equipment Located in the Dynamic Systems and Controls Lab:

  • Two PDV 100 - Laser Vibrometer with signal analyzer and VibSoft software package
  • Agilent MSO-X2014A Oscilloscope
  • Agilent 33522B 30MHz 2-Channel Waveform Generator with Arbitrary Waveform Generation
  • Agilent 53210A frequency counter
  • Universal Vibration System, TM 150
  • Flywheel Lab Experiment, TM 612
  • National Instrument NI USB-6363 DAQ device
  • B&K 4-Channel Signal Analyzer Module
  • B&K Pulse Single Module
  • B&K 4507 Piezoelectric IEPE Accelerometer
  • B&K 4189 Free-Field Microphone
  • Edmund Optics 88406 – Laboratory spectrometer
  • Edmund Optics 66985 LED White Light Source
  • Pasco EX-5522A Damped Harmonic Oscillations