Graduate Assistantships

Seaver College of Science and Engineering provides several paid graduate research assistantships. These research opportunities allow our graduate students to gain paid research experience suited to their interests while pursuing their degrees.

Graduate assistantships have ranged across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Each one is overseen by faculty members who are experts in these areas and have included projects in the past such as:

•    Measuring Pollutant Removal Efficiency of the Ballona Creek Rain Garden, Culver City, California. 
•    Los Angeles County Flood Control System: An Assessment of Best Management Practices to Mitigate Climate Change Impacts
•    Developing Optimum Laser for Ultrafast Biomedical Imaging Applications
•    Wireless Networking for Collaborative Drones
•    Curriculum Development Process Regarding the Appropriate Statistics Content in K-12 Education
•    Analyzing the Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT) of Secondary Teachers
•    The Effect of Tempering Treatment on the Fatigue Life of Aluminum Lithium Wheels
•    Optimizing Ductility in Magnesium Alloy Sheets

If you are interested in learning more about current research areas and faculty leading these efforts, please visit the departmental research tab for your specific Seaver College graduate program of interest and connect with faculty to inquire about availability.

Please find contact information below for general graduate research assistantships inquiries, including questions related to application process and when to apply:
•    Prospective students/applicants:
•    Current LMU graduate students:

If interested in graduate assistantships in other offices at LMU, please visit the Graduate Admission Graduate Assistantships page.