Electromagnetic Propagation & Applications

Dr. Jie Xu's research interests include electromagnetics, wave propagation in complex media, antenna design, and their applications in the general area of wireless communications, remote sensing, and medicine. The goal of the research is to advance the fundamental understanding and knowledge of the various subjects on a theoretical level, so that they can be effectively put to applications.

Helical Phase - Front of EM waves carrying orbital-angular momentum
Helical Phase - Front of EM waves carrying orbital-angular momentum

Some recent projects include:

  1. Early breast cancer detection with microwave imaging
  2. The functional dimension of electromagnetic fields in scattering environments and the diversity benefits available from the field polarizations
  3. The characteristics of singular modes of antenna arrays and their application in beam-forming and object locating
  4. The formulation of scattering-included dyadic Green's function and its angular radiation spectrum
  5. The orbital angular momentum of beamed EM waves and its application in wireless spatial multiplexing
  6. Characteristic modes of material bodies and their application in special-purpose antenna design

Recent Publications

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