Anatol Hoemke

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Anatol Hoemke

Laboratory Manager, Physics Department

Seaver 107

Anatol manages the department’s instructional and research facilities, including laboratory and lecture equipment and technology. He also runs the Physics Machine Shop. As well, Anatol serves on the Seaver College Best Practices Working Group and the Seaver College Staff Engagement Committee.

Anatol has mentored the LMU Fusor project since its beginning in 2009. The Fusor is a multidisciplinary project, attracting students from Physics and the Engineering Departments. The goal is to build a functioning Farnsworth-Hirsch fusion reactor and research the conditions necessary for fusion using Deuterium fuel.

Anatol received his B.S. in Physics in 2006 from Cal Poly Pomona. He pursued undergraduate research on magnetic thin films and magneto-optic spectroscopy. Anatol participated in a summer research program (REU) at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln to study magnetic domain structure of thin films. Some of his favorite subjects included Plasma Physics and Computational Physics. During his senior year, he was president of the Cal Poly Pomona chapter of the Society of Physics Students.

Some of Anatol’s hobbies include: Strongman and strength training, video games, Science Fiction literature and film, and playing Legos with his children.