Kristen Le Falle Sampson

Kristen Le Falle Sampson

Office of the Dean, Senior Administrative Coordinator



Kristen Le Falle Sampson is a Senior Administrative Coordinator in the Office of the Dean in the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering.  Kristen provides general support as a member of the Dean’s Office and focused support advancing the college’s initiatives in the areas of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Student Programs. She collaborates with Associate Dean, Heather Tarleton Ph.D. to foster a healthy climate within the college and institution. Kristen joined the college in Fall 2022.

Raised in the West Park Terrace community of Los Angeles, Kristen was one of the first to participate in the Desegregation Busing Initiatives of the late 1970's. Both she and her now husband participated in the experimental program. "I value my educational experience attending distinguished grade schools situated in foothills of the Santa Monica mountains, but the educational disparity in LA was not lost on me, even as a child. This wasn't Topeka, Kansas, or somewhere down South. This was right here in Los Angeles. I did not choose to be a poster child for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. DEI quite literally chose me."

Kristen graduated from West Los Angeles College with an AA in Liberal Arts in 2001. When her son decided he would concentrate his efforts on playing basketball overseas, she enrolled in classes at Loyola Marymount University "for fun." While working as the Coordinator for Resident Services and Operations she took classes during lunch breaks and after hours. At the urging of one of her Professors, Dr. Stefan M. Bradley, Ph.D., former Department Chair and DEI Coordinator for BCLA, she formally matriculated and launched in pursuit of her baccalaureate. Kristen will earn her Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies, from Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts in 2022 and is a proud member of Tau Sigma, the National Honor Society for Transfer Students.

She enjoys spending free time with her beloved husband Troy and loved ones. For wellness, she practices meditation, yoga, and travels at any given opportunity. She is also a huge football fan, both UEFA and NFL. Her favorite football teams are Deutsche National, Manchester United and the Raiders, much to her husband's (Cowboys fan) chagrin. “All’s fair in love and football!”