Zydra van der Sluys

Zydra van der Sluys

Laboratory Support Associate, Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Life Sciences Building 347C

Have you ever wondered who is in charge of the chemicals and lab operations in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry? 

Look no further, it’s Zydra (pronounced like “zebra”, but no “b”) van der Sluys. Zydra ensures that all chemistry labs within the department run smoothly. She also oversees the department’s budget and orders chemicals and lab glassware. 

Zydra employs a dozen student workers to work in stockroom operations—a great job for freshmen and sophomores. 

Zydra was born and raised in Lithuania. She attended Vilnius University and has been a member of our Loyola Marymount University family since 1998! She also teaches at a Lithuanian Saturday School.