Instruments and Facilities


The Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering at LMU operates several state of the art research instruments.

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
Manufacturer: Asylum Research
Resolution: <1nm
Magnification: 1,000,000+

Confocal Microscope (CM)
Manufacturer: Zeiss
Model: Confocal LSM 5 Exciter Vario Two RGB with ZEN 2008
Resolution: x/y resolution- (1/NA); z resolution- (1/NA2)
                   (NA- numerical aperture of microscope objective)
Magnification: varies through objective magnification

Epi-fluorescence Microscope (EFM)
Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss, Inc
Model: ApoTome for Axio Imager.Z1
Resolution: x/y resolution- (1/NA); z resolution- (1/NA2) [NA-numerical aperture of microscope objective]
Magnification: varies through objective magnification

Dionex IC25 Ion-Exchange Chromatograph
Pump: Dual-piston, variable speed stroke of 100 µL; user-selectable constant pressure or constant flow feedback control
Flow Rate: 0.04 to 10.0 mL/min, linearly variable in increments of 0.01 mL/min
Operating Pressure: 21 MPa (3000 psi) maximum
Pressure Resolution: 0.07 MPa (10 psi)
High Pressure Limit: 0 to 35 MPa (0 to 5000 psi) in increments of 0.05 MPa (7.25 psi); trips instantaneously
Low Pressure Limit: 0 to 35 MPa (0 to 5000 psi) in increments of 0.05 MPa (7.25 psi); trips after a timeout of 0.4 mL
Delay Volume: Approximately 700 µL

Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS)
Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer
Model: ELAN DRC-e
Detection limits range: 0.1 ppt to 10 ppb, varying from element to element 

NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Spectrometer with Automation
Manufacturer: Brucker
Model: AVIII400 Nanobay
Resolution: <0.005Hz

PerkinElmer Lambda 25 UV/Vis Spectrometer
Wavelength range: 190-1100 nm
Bandwidth: 1 nm fixed
Optics: Double-beam, sealed, quartz-coated mirrors; lens-free system to reduce chromatic aberrations Monochromator: Seya Namioka

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
Manufacturer: FEI
Model: SEM QUANTA 200
Resolution: High Vacuum/Low Vacuum; 3.0nm @ 30kv (SE); 4.0nm @30kv (BSE)
Magnification: 20 to 1,000,000 x (quad view)

Sievers 800 Portable Organic Carbon Analyzer
Range: 0.05 ppb to 50,000 ppb
On-line Precision: ±3% of Total Carbon value
On-line Accuracy: ±3% of TC value (TC > 100 ppb)
Interferences: Insensitive to halogenated hydrocarbon interference
Display Readout: 3 significant digits
Calibration: 12 month stability, typically
Analysis Time: 6 minutes
Sample Temperature: 1-100C (32-212F)
Ambient Temperature: 10-40C (50-104F)
Sample Pressure: Up to 100 psi
Sample Flow Rate: 30-220 mL/minute

Varian ProStar (HPLC)
Maximum operating pressure: 6000 psi (410 atmospheres)
Flow rate range: 0.01 to 10.0 mL/min in 0.01 mL/min steps between 0.00 and 1.00 mL/min, and 0.1 mL/min steps between 1.0 and 10.0 mL/min
Flow precision: 0.3% RSD at 1.0 mL/min MeOH/water
Flow accuracy: ± 0.5% at 1.0 mL/min isopropyl alcohol
Compositional accuracy: ± 0.5% absolute
Compositional precision: ± 0.1% absolute
Delay volume: 700 µL + 1 µL/ATM pressure